Band “Afrodizijak” from Banja Luka will have a concert in rock caffee bar “Malboro” in Srebrenica. This event has been organized by Srebrenica Wave during their Winter Activity program.


Percussion group AFRODIZIJAK was formed in October 2002 in a small Balkan country called Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the city of Banja Luka. At the very beginning we were simply a group of enthusiasts interested in root African and Latin percussions and drums. But the rhythms were something very new for us and completely different from any music we were surrounded by. So much helped by our friend Toni Pesikan, we set up the base of our future work together and we started exploring and experimenting. The result created is an unusual connection of root African and Latin rhythms and melodies with modern mainstream hip-hop and house beats, using only voices and traditional African and Latin drums and percussions.“

After more then five years of existing and over 100 concerts held in the region, in February 2008, Afrodizijak recorded its first official album AFRODIZIJAK “T R Y B L”, in legendary PGP RTS Studio 5 in Belgrade/Serbia. Also, we have published 2 videos for songs Malimba (produced by Josip Krinjski) and Kilimanjaro (produced by Mladen Djukic).

Untill today, Afrodizijak has performed at many places and festivals:
SKC (Belgrade), 2nd ZGethno Festival (Zagreb), Festival Jazzbina (Pula), Last Minute Open Jazz Festival (Bale/Valle), Daylight Coctail Bar (Umag), Multi Kulti Festival (Sisak), Neofest (Banja Luka), The Bar (Sarajevo), Biosphere – Sky Lounge Bar (Mostar), UNITY Salt Lake Splash Festival (Tuzla), Coltan Festival (Bihac), PYAF (Jablanica), Silvertown Shine Festival (Srebrenica), GETO – Culture of Sound Festival (Banja Luka), Access Festival (Banja Luka), Hard Rock Radio – Month of Music (Banja Luka), Kratkofil (Banja Luka), BLIFF (Banja Luka), Demofest (Banja Luka), Magic (Prijedor), BuNGalov (Novi Grad), Underground (Doboj), Guinness (Derventa), Irish Pub (Brcko), Planet Hollywood (Bihac), etc.

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