“Izolanti” band was founded in 1995 in Milici (provincial town in eastern R.S.) as an attempt to make a small escape from the harsh war. The main creator of this idea is Danko (guitar) and is able to do all this with the help of his friend Vlado (voice), Darko (bass) and Mladen (drum). After several months of work and the first authorial songs, members decide to record demos in one of the local radio stations.

“Izolanti” were created in 1995 and in the last 15 years they have accomplished noticable success on the ex-Yu punk scene.The band was born on the verge of war events in BiH with the desire to at least keep these young people away from the terrible everyday life. In 1997 “Izolanti” recorded their first demo in the Tarcus (Zrenjanin) studio and thanks to it they break through the regional frames and record their first concerts out of the country.

After two years they have started on recording debut album “Days of Despair” (original name: “Dani Očaja”) in the “Češnjak” studio, at the legendary Vuje (KBO!). The album is released immediately after recording, under its own label (IZO-Records), and it provided a significantly larger number of concerts in BiH and Serbia.

In the summer of 2002, another album called “Dream as Madness Without Borders” (original name: “San kao ludilo bez granica”) is released, and it is labeled as dhp-AK47 from Zagreb. This album is experiencing much greater success than the previous (in circulation and distributorships), while “Izolanti” become a very popular band in Croatia.

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